Coming to Downtown Rockford

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Introducing a place that creates big life stories.

A place where friends, neighbors, and visitors accomplish great things, together.

A place where the magic of locally produced food is perfectly paired with European-inspired boutique lodging.

Guests don’t come to Hotel Kate to rest their heads, they come to renew their spirits, connect with community and its bounty, and help strengthen our collective vision to make our tomorrows even better than today.

That’s how Kate O’Connor lived, our namesake and Rockford’s own.
We salute her courage, her tenacity, her name, her story, and her spirit.

Hotel Kate.
A place you’ll want to be.

Photos courtesy of Midway Village Museum


“Drop your excess baggage. Put on your shock absorbers. Forget the lipstick. Take a through street. And step on the gas.”

Kate F. O’Connor

Born in Rockford in 1863, Kate F. O’Connor was the youngest of eight children, a graduate of Rockford High School, and a passionate entrepreneur and community builder. Kate fought against social inequities, while advocating for her hometown, the families who lived there, and the businesses who operated there.

Advocate. Suffragist. Rockford’s own.